What have our partners been up to this summer?

In the world of agriculture, innovation is the key to sustainable growth, and the ICAERUS project is “flying” towards this future. Partners have been busy promoting the project over the past few months, let’s look at what they have been up to. 

Europe and Beyond

Professor S. Fountas of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) presented ICAERUS in the workshop “Applications of precision livestock techniques and technologies in ruminant breeding” in Athens on May 4 and 5. He also shared the project during his visit to Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (NWAFU), China’s largest University, strengthening international partnerships and knowledge exchange. 

AUA also presented the project in Kalamata, Greece, at the “Towards a more sustainable agri-food future” exhibition and in Brussels during the EU AgriResearch Conference as well as during a precision agriculture workshop at Oenolytics.  Professor S. Fountas, A.Kasimati from AUA, and João Valente from Wageningen University & Research attended the 14th European Conference on Precision Agriculture (ECPA) in Bologna, Italy.

Building Synergies

Partners have also been building synergies and attending events hosted by other EU projects. AUA was at the AgROBOfood final event, the FUTURAL kick-off and the 3rd QuantiFarm project meeting. Meetings have also been held with sister projects SPADE and CHAMELEON to plan future collaborations on policy topics and organise their joint workshop at Synergy Days. 
In addition, ART21 attended the kick- off of Forest 4.0 on May 10,  planting the seeds for collaboration with Vytautas Magnus University, towards the smart forestry monitoring.

Sparking discussion and network building

Foodscale Hub (FSH) and GEOSENSE showcased the project at Beyond Expo. In particular FSH promoted the project’s Open Calls among some of the funding opportunities available to SMEs and rural communities. They also attended the Agricultural Fair Novi Sad, an major  event for trade visitors, exhibitors, and experts from agriculture, animal husbandry, the food industry, and related sectors.

HCPA (Hellenic Crop Protection Agency) gave a lecture to students of the Programme of Postgraduate Studies “Plant Protection and Environment”, at the Agriculture University of Athens, while  the Open University UK was hosted by the Faculty of Business and Law/Knowledge Media Institute Showcase Event in June. This event facilitated networking and knowledge sharing among academics and visitors, promoting the exchange of ideas and fostering future synergies.

Engagement in Brussels! In July 2023, the NOOSWARE BV organized a workshop and conversed with three Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in Brussels, providing valuable insights into the ICAREUS project and its objectives.

ICAERUS is at the forefront of agricultural innovation, and these recent achievements highlight its dedication to unlocking the potential of drones in agriculture, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for all. Stay tuned for more updates as ICAERUS continues to soar in the realm of agricultural innovation!

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