Crop Monitoring

Challenges and how they will be addressed

Current field scouting practices for plant health, disease and weed detection are time consuming and labour intensive. Despite the potential of drones there is limited knowledge on how drones and remote sensing technologies can optimise crop yield and quality, which currently relies heavily on Plant Protection Products (PPPs). 

The UC will explore the capability of single and multi-use drones for performing a series of complex crpo monitoring tasks and develop a robust protocol for image analysis and modelling.

This UC will also interact with the Drone Spraying UC conducted in Greece, to investigate spot-specific spraying applications, based on 3D canopy characteristics (canopy structure, coverage and density).


1. Demonstrate

Demonstrate the capacity of drones for disease identification and weed detection in vineyards

2. Assess

Assess drones as tools for 3D canopy reconstruction in vineyards, by using aerial and ground image acquisition

3. Develop

Develop a user-friendly dashboard as a decision support system for drone data analysis, visualisation and action recommendations

Tech components and data

  • Multirotor drone
  • Thermal camera – thermal imagery
  • RGB camera – RGB imagery
  • Hyperspectral camera – hyperspectral imagery (for specific disease detection)
  • Lidar sensor – point cloud data
  • IoT weather station – environmental and soil data.

Expected outcomes



Combined analysis of thermal, RGB and hyperspectral data for disease identification and weed detection. 



Development of 3D monitoring protocol for drones’ movement within vineyards.



Map creation model for spot-specific spaying of 3D crops



Dashboard with: repository for drone captured data, a visualisation tool and a decision-support tool for optimum spot-specific spraying.

Use Case Leader

Aldo Sollazzo

Use Case Partner

Jonathan Minchin

Location of the Use Case

Tarragona, Spain

Drone Stakeholders survey (e.g. Drone manufacturers, Drone service providers, Software developers)

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