Unlocking the Future of Agriculture and Rural Areas

ICAERUS has released it’s latest video showcasing how the project is contributing to the understanding and evaluation of the potential of drones in agriculture, rural areas, and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) services. 

Join Katerina Kasimati, agricultural engineer at the Agricultural University of Athens as she delves into the vision and goals of the project in the context of agriculture and rural services across Europe. 

Innovative Solutions

Katerina explains the foundations of the project, and the need to understand the current drone market landscape, and properly identify the key stakeholders that make up the complex web of companies involved in drones, software, hardware, and associated technologies. This information together with current assumptions, potential risks and markets needs, serve as a compass that guides ICAERUS towards its objectives. Katerina underscores the critical points of the project regarding crop monitoring, crop spraying, livestock monitoring, the use cases on forestry and biodiversity monitoring, and rural logistics.
She also highlights the value of crop monitoring, crop spraying, livestock monitoring, forest and biodiversity monitoring, and rural logistics use cases and describes the two big categories in which they are below: “eyes in the sky” and “hand in the sky”.

“Eyes in the Sky”: This category encompasses all monitoring activities. Drones equipped with advanced sensors and imaging technology are deployed for tasks such as crop monitoring, keeping an eye on livestock, and assessing the health of forestry and biodiversity. These “eyes in the sky” provide invaluable data and insights.
“Hand in the Sky”: Here, drones take on an active role in executing various processes. They are more than just observers; they become vital tools for tasks like crop spraying and rural logistics. This “hand in the sky” approach showcases the versatility of drones in agriculture

Sharing Knowledge

Hand of a farmer controls drone with a smartphone

ICAERUS doesn’t stop at observation. It’s about action. The project seeks to develop innovative solutions through software and hardware integration and to collect data and leverage it to improve agricultural practices and rural services across Europe.

Knowledge accessibility is crucial, which is why ICAERUS is developing an online platform open to anyone interested in drones and their applications. This platform will provide a wealth of information related to drones, ensuring that the benefits of this technology are widespread and not limited to a select few.

The ICAERUS project is more than just a technological endeavour. It represents a commitment to a sustainable and innovative future for European agriculture and rural services. With a strong foundation, diverse use cases, and unwavering dedication to knowledge sharing, ICAERUS is ready to provide a complete and interconnected account of their potential and impacts as multi-purpose vehicles in EU agriculture, forestry, and rural areas. Stay tuned for updates as this transformative journey unfolds!

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