Main Objectives
– Design, develop and deploy an innovative drone-delivery fleet management system

Greece and North Macedonia

GeoSense and AgFutura Technologies 

Experimental Design

  • Identification 
    • Risks, barriers (topography, obstacles, regulations)
    • Drone requirements (payloads, specifications)
  • Preparation
    • Hardware and software supply and assembly
    • Simulation
    • Drone fleet management and customer service infrastructure
  • Testing and implementation

Final Aim

  • Delivery of small parcels of importance (e.g. documentation, medical supplies) in remote, inaccessible and rural areas.
  • Implementation of a cloud-based software for the efficient operation of the delivery services.
  • Modification of existing multi-rotor, fixed-wing and helicopter drones to fulfill the requirements of the delivery services in the areas of interest.

Drone Fleet Management System

8 implemented modules:

  • User authentication and registration
  • Role based access control
  • Elevation profile
  • Weather
  • Automatic dependent surveillance broadcast
  • Analytical hierarchy process decision support system
  • Travelling salesman problem
  • Shortest path algorithm
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Drone Stakeholders survey (e.g. Drone manufacturers, Drone service providers, Software developers)

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