Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Planet Documentary mini-series

ICAERUS is featured on episode 3 of Piraeus Bank’s documentary mini-series titled “Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Planet”.

Piraeus bank’s adoption of Environmental, Social Cohesion and Governance Criteria demands responsible, sustainable growth and profitability, while remaining at the forefront of innovation. In the context of agriculture, this has meant joining forces with journalist Niki Lymberakis to create a documentary miniseries featuring not only the negative effects of climate change but the latest technologies, methodologies, and practices available to adapt and to these challenges.

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The 5-week mini-series dives into the significant effects of climate change on agricultural production, how producers can manage these challenges, and highlights farmers across Greece already implementing good practices.

ICAERUS is feature in Episode 3 “Intelligent farming”. Tune in and join farmers on a tour of the new-age smart farm and learn more about smart farming and precision farming systems. Dive into the different equipment available, including drones, and find out more about the economic, environmental and societal benefits for producers.

Episode list:

Episode 1: Climate Change: Framing the Problem – Pointing the Way to Solutions
Episode 2: Climate Change: Framing the Problem – Pointing the Way to Solutions
Episode 3: Intelligent Farming Available 05/17/2023
Episode 4: The Word to the Greek Producer – The Greek Grape Available 12/07/2023
Episode 5: The word to the Greek producer – The peanut of Aegina Available 19/07/2023

All episodes are in Greek and feature English subtitles. 

Click here to see ICAERUS drones in action and learn more about smart farming, precision farming systems and more. 
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