ICAERUS partners have been busy sharing the project and all of the exciting progress that is being made.

AgFutura was part of the  Digitalisation in the Bioeconomy: potentials and rural actors event for the ScaleUP project. This project is centered around concepts, tools and applications for community-driven bioeconomy development in European rural areas. During the session “Elevating Biotechnology: Harnessing AI Systems and Drones for Cutting-edge Innovation” Mario Petkovski, discussed drones in agriculture and shed light on their pivotal role in detecting diseases and pests. He also emphasized the application of these technologies in the context of ICAERUS, showcasing real-life use cases and their impact.

In February, not only did WU attend the Hungarian Conference of Precision Agriculture, Jurrian Doornbos, Kwabena E. Bennin, Önder Babur, and João Valente published the paper Drones Technologies: A Tertiary Systematic Review on a Decade of Improvements in IEEE Explore. 

With the launch of the second PUSH Open Call for drone innovation, FSH has been busy sharing all the details and insights with interested applicants, including the “Funding Opportunities for the Agri-food Sector” webinar, organized by Andalucía Agrotech DIH partners CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia) and Ctaqua Aquaculture Technological Centre. FSH also organized a webinar with HE projects  SPADE and CHAMELEON.
FSH ‘s booth at the 1st Automation & Robotics EXPO, in Athens, on 12- 14 showcased ICAERUS together with HE projects Robs4Crops and Smart Droplets. The event was an the opportunity to connect with drone and robotics stakeholders and to share the latest brochure on the drone data analytics library (DDAL)

AUA has been busy connecting with other projects like Agriskills, Climate Farm Demo, TALLHEDA, TrustFood, during the Workshop Enhancing Digital and Business Skills for the Digital Transformation of Agriculture. They also participated in a workshop organized by D4AgEcol titled “Digital Tool Scoping which focused on the adoption of spraying drones and their potential in promoting agroecology.

At the 1st Automation & Robotics EXPO, Katerina Kasimati (AUA) took the main stage  and delivered a presentation titled “ICAERUS: Innovations and Capacity Building in Agricultural, Environmental, and Rural UAV Services.” Watch the complete presentation of  ICAERUS at the 1st A&R EXPO (Greek language).

HCPA also attended the D4AgEcol workshop, along with running another meeting of their working group on drone spraying. In March they offered tomato farmers in Gastouni, Greece training on the proper and safe use of plant protection products, the regulation of spraying equipment & the management of empty packages

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Drone Stakeholders survey (e.g. Drone manufacturers, Drone service providers, Software developers)

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