Drone-Based Water Stress Management for Sustainable Olive Groves in a Changing Climate

Better use of water irrigation and increase of olive oil quality and yield.

Responsible organisation

Challenges and how they will be addressed

Technology: Use drone technology equipped with thermal cameras to monitoring water stress in olive groves;
Productivity: Increase olive yield; 
Quality: improve olive oil production, avoiding the production of oil from dehydrated olives and using water stress management;
Knowledge: spread the use of innovative tools among producers in the area, limiting the use of water at the district level.

Tech components and data

Drone with thermal camera for mapping and soil moisture sensors for data validation.

Expected outcomes


Olive oil production: +20% olive groves yield and quality through data-driven decision-making;


Resource efficiency: -20% use of resources and time, leading to cost savings for irrigation operations and lower environmental impacts.

About Tenute Librandi

Tenute Librandi is a family-run organic farm with oil mill that started working with precision agriculture in 2018.
154 hectares are olive groves (out of a total of 229).
Named best olive farm in the world in 2021 and best oil mill in 2011.

Drone Stakeholders survey (e.g. Drone manufacturers, Drone service providers, Software developers)

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