LIDAR & multispectral drones in viticulture

  1. Build a 3D, measurable twin of the vineyard
  2. Define a repeatable workflow to monitor vine growth and correlate to yield
  3. Define and measure areas of vine row that can be replanted and correlate to additional yield
  4. Protect the environment and soil health by measurably reducing use of herbicides, fertilizer, water and pesticides through targeted application models

Responsible organisation

Challenges and how they will be addressed

Growers in both the viticultural and agricultural sectors face similar challenges; pests, weather and resources. It is traditionally monitored by literally walking around fields or vineyards to inspect the plants, taking time and effort best used elsewhere. The introduction of drones mounted with various sensors addresses all these challenges, by identifying specific areas for monitoring and remediation whilst reducing time, resource use and protecting the environment. 

Multispectral sensing detects the light reflected by plant canopy in non-visible wavelengths. This is then measured and converted by vegetation indexes to provide a state of health alongside actionable outputs. By using drones, we can gather much more detailed data than available via satellite.

LiDAR will enable precision mapping of the complete vineyard and establish a measurable digital twin, which can be updated to monitor growth and predict yield. Thermographic sensors will complement the existing multispectral capability and measure temperature fluctuations in the vine, allowing key decisions to be made across the season.

Tech components and data

Drone mounted LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and Drone mounted multispectral imaging sensors, interpretive software. Measurable digital models of the vineyard, tracked and charted data.

Expected outcomes

We hypothesise that a combined data-layer approach will allow real-world savings and a 10% improvement in seasonal yield compared to the existing approach.

About Low Altitude Ltd

Agrobit in an italian innovative agtech startup that develops terrestrial imaging solutions (iAgro, iTractor, iDrone) for the agriculture sector to support farmers/technicians in reducing/optimizing the use of chemical inputs and water. Agrobit uses different type of cameras in combination with computer vision and AI algorithms to assess crops status and relevant agronomic parameters.

Drone Stakeholders survey (e.g. Drone manufacturers, Drone service providers, Software developers)

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