Eco-friendly wildlife management and crop protection using AI- equipped drones

Develop and test a semi-automated AI and robotics drone system for wildlife management in agriculture, with the aim to reduce crop damage and address farmer challenges with wildlife induced problems. 

Key objectives are to test and evaluate the system on rural farms, analyse its economic viability for farmers and to tailor the solution based on farmers feedback and needs.

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Challenges and how they will be addressed

FLOX Robotics addresses the increasing challenge of wildlife-induced crop damage that results in large economic losses and impacts food security, with smaller-scale farmers being particularly vulnerable. FLOX offers an innovative solution that combines AI and drone technology to promote sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation. Our solution aims to reduce crop damage, enhance crop yields, and support biodiversity. This scalable and non-invasive approach ensures the economic viability of farming while fostering coexistence with wildlife.

Tech components and data

The technology applied in FLOX Robotics solutions is a patent-pending, drone-based system that integrates robotics, AI, machine learning, and advanced acoustics, aligned with wildlife science. This innovative solution employs AI for real-time wildlife detection and classification, using thermal and RGB cameras for day and night monitoring. Automated drones, remotely supervised, employ non-invasive herding techniques and species-specific acoustic signals to effectively repel wildlife from crops. This approach not only provides continuous protection but also collects data to enhance system performance, offering farmers an efficient alternative to traditional wildlife management methods.

Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes of the project include a reduction in wildlife crop damage on agricultural fields by effectively herding wildlife of different species away from the fields using FLOX technology. This will also result in improved economic outcomes for farmers by minimizing wildlife-related losses as well as pushing the envelope in drone technology specifically engineered for the agricultural sector. Furthermore, the project is geared towards achieving high adoption rates among farmers, where the outcome is to gain valuable insights needed for further development of a user-friendly product designed to simplify daily agricultural challenges in rural areas.

Drone Stakeholders survey (e.g. Drone manufacturers, Drone service providers, Software developers)

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