February 11: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Why do we celebrate diversity in science?

Eurostat data published in May 2022, show that in 2021, an increase of 3% was observed in those employed in science and technology, compared with 2020, and 21% compared with 2011. Of these 74 million science and technology employees (2021 data), 52% were women, which has risen by 4% compared with 2020 and 26% compared with 2011. Data show that the female workforce grew more than their male counterparts (+1% more male compared with 2020 and +16% compared with 2011). (Eurostat)

The ICAERUS team consists of several talented female engineers, agronomists, strategists and researchers that are involved in all different tasks of the project, confirming that innovation has made space for women. When working towards making drone technologies available to diverse ecosystem players, there is a growing understanding of the need to shift the complex gender or social dynamics, guaranteeing equal access and opportunities. 

Moreover, “diversity and inclusion in [a] tech team fuel productivity, creativity, and innovation”, according to journalist Nick Martindale. So why celebrate diversity in the workspace? Accurately put by Waseem Ali, CEO of Rockborne, “When we talk about diversity and inclusion, what we are really talking about is different perspectives and diversity of thought,”. (Ali qtd. in Martindale)

So what do the female members of ICAERUS think about working in science and technology to nurture and foster innovation?

“As a woman in the field of agricultural engineering and precision agriculture, I am proud to be part of a field that has the power to feed the world and ensure a sustainable future. I am inspired by the challenges and opportunities this field presents and believe in the power of diversity to drive innovation and inspire the next generation to achieve their scientific goals. To all young girls who want to become scientists, I say: do not let anyone limit your dreams – the sky’s the limit!”

Aikaterini Kasimati, ICAERUS Project Manager, Research Associate, Smart Farming Technology Group, Agricultural University of Athens

“Since I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to be in the field of science, now I am a proud engineer working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and I would like to encourage young girls to follow their passion and to have the courage to speak their minds and be noticeable.”

Paula Oses, Computer Vision engineer and Drone Pilot


I am fascinated by innovation, how new technologies and ideas can improve the ways we work and live and transform our future for the best!  With innovation, the world is your oyster!

Dr Despoina Filiou , Senior Lecturer in Strategy, Department for Strategy and Marketing, Business School, The Open University

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