Institut de l’Elevage

Partner’s role in the project

Livestock experts

Lead: Livestock Monitoring Use Case

Participate in: Drone Analytics library; ICAERUS Use Cases and Demonstration Activities; Ecosystem Building, Open Calls & Business and Governance Modelling; Dissemination

Full name of the partnerInstitut de l’Elevage
Short name of the partnerIDELE
Primary contact Lebreton Adrien
TItle of contact personProject Manager
Contact’s email

Institut de l’Élevage (French Livestock Institute) provides technical and innovative solutions to livestock farmers and key industrial players across the value chain to improve the competitiveness of herbivore farms and the livestock sector. As an independent, applied research institute they are supported by public authorities, and members of the Association de Coordination Technique Agricole (ACTA).

Their areas of expertise relevant to ICAERUS include:

  • Extensive knowledge regarding livestock production in grasslands areas
    • Beef and sheep productions
    • Forages and pastoralism
  • Expertise in digital solutions
    • Precision livestock farming.
    • Imaging, AI robotics, data science
  • Expertise in digital solutions impact evaluation
    • Technical and economic impact
    • Social impact

Drone Stakeholders survey (e.g. Drone manufacturers, Drone service providers, Software developers)

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