Hellenic Crop Protection Association

Partner’s role in the project

Crop protection specialist

Participate in: Drone Spraying Use Case; Ecosystem Building, Open Calls & Business and Governance Modelling; Dissemination.

HCPA will also act as a contact point with local and international crop protection companies in Greece.

Full name of the partnerHellenic Crop Protection Association
Short name of the partnerHCPA
Primary contact Francesca Ydraiou
TItle of contact personProject Manager
Contact’s email

HCPA was established in 1970 and represents companies involved in the crop protection industry. Currently there are 23 full members, 7 board members and 3 employees. Their work involves following current issues in crop protection and biodiversity, monitoring the development of Greek and EU agricultural and crop protection legislation while maintaining constant communication and cooperation with authorities, universities, research institutes, agricultural advisors, retailers and farmers.

HCPA is also a member of CropLife Europe and Croplife International and offers support to Greek farmers in the following areas:

  • Safe and sustainable use of conventional PPPs and bio-pesticides
  • Integrated crop management
  • Smart farming, digital and precision agriculture
  • Water/soil protection
  • Container management
  • Use of legally authorised crop protection products

Drone Stakeholders survey (e.g. Drone manufacturers, Drone service providers, Software developers)

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