Agricultural University of Athens

Partner’s role in the project


Lead: ICAERUS Platform; Project Management; Evaluation, Selection & Technical Monitoring; Drone Spraying Use Case

Participate in: Dissemination but will contribute to all project activities.

Full name of the partner Agricultural University of Athens
Short name of the partner AUA
Country Greece
Primary contact Spyros Fountas, Aikaterini Kasimati
TItle of contact person Coordinator, Project Manager
Contact’s email ,

AUA is a major Agricultural University in Greece and the third oldest in the country, offering research and extension in agri-food for the public and private sectors. AUA research addresses a wide range of issues related to food safety and environmental protection, including the areas of precision agriculture; imaging, AI & robotics; web applications and databases. 

AUA’s areas of expertise relevant to ICAERUS include:

  • ICT applications in agriculture
  • Digitised solutions and FMIS
  • Smart Farming Technology services (farm machinery, remote sensing, GIS)
  • Imaging
  • Multi-actor Knowledge Platforms for aggregated agricultural data
  • AI and Robotics

Drone Stakeholders survey (e.g. Drone manufacturers, Drone service providers, Software developers)

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