Bringing Agriculture and Technology together

In the constantly changing landscape of agriculture and technology, collaboration and innovation go hand in hand. Learn more about Horizon Europe project’s ICAERUS and QuantiFarm, that are both bringing agriculture and digital technologies closer in the latest video, featuring Katerina Kassimatis, an agricultural engineer at the Agricultural University of Athens.

QuantiFarm is creating a comprehensive framework for assessing digital agricultural technologies, while ICAERUS focuses on pioneering new drone-related solutions, including hardware and software. Together, these innovations can potentially transform various aspects of agriculture, from crop monitoring to precision agriculture practices.

This collaboration potential lies in combining the strengths of both projects, and bringing together their extensive networks in order to foster cooperation at various levels. ICAERUS, with its cutting-edge drone technologies, can significantly benefit from the evaluation framework developed by QuantiFarm, which includes valuable components such as cost-benefit analysis. 

Both projects can also bring together networks the networks and knowledge acquired from their use cases.  QuantiFarm is currently running 30 use cases across 20 European countries, while ICAERUS is testing drone based solutions across 5 sector specific use cases and 2 different types of Open Calls (PUSH and PULL) that support drone-based innovation in agriculture.

With more collaboration, the agricultural and technology sectors can anticipate a brighter and more sustainable future.

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