1st PULL Open Call winners

The 1st Pull Open Call sub-projects have officially begun. Keep reading to find out more about these 6 unique ideas promise to  address agricultural and rural challenges through the use of drones and their services.

BEETCraft-AID, by Pheno-Inspect GmbH, Germany

BEETCraft-AID aims to develop low-cost, accessible drone technology alongside AI-enhanced phenotyping analysis. This combination aims to enable efficient, scalable monitoring of crops affected by Sugar Beet Rhizomania (SBR). 

OLI-SCAN by Tenute Librandi Pasquale Società Agricola s.s., Italy

OLI-SCAN utilizes drones equipped with thermal cameras. This sub-project endeavors to evaluate and monitor water stress, ensuring the vitality of olive groves while optimizing water usage.

DAEPHC, by Hmezad exim d.o.o, Slovenia

DAEPHC seeks to identify the most effective sensor technology for detecting hop plant infections; this project aims to establish a new standard for efficient and targeted disease control.

AI4Leafhopper, by InnovPlantProtect – Associação, Portugal

AI4Leafhopper aims to develop the leafhopper symptom early detection pipeline using drone-acquired multispectral data to automatically detect and classify symptom severity and class, as well as to develop a drone flight recommendation model and automated alert communication system.

LMDV, by Low Altitude Ltd, UK

LMDV aims to introduce established LIDAR and thermography technology to the vineyard to identify further areas for improvement and test how the technology can be applied to meet different objectives.

Robotic Wildlife Herding for Crop Protection, by FLOX Robotics, Sweden

Robotic Wildlife Herding for Crop Protection aims to develop and test a semi-automated AI and robotics drone system for wildlife management in agriculture. It also aims to reduce crop damage in diverse Swedish farming environments and address specific farmer challenges

We are excited to witness the progression of these sub-projects from innovative concepts to practical solutions!

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