1st PULL Open Call statistics available now

The ICAERUS Project, which is actively contributing to innovation and capacity building in agricultural, environmental, and rural UAV services,  recently closed its first Pull Open Call, attracting participants from 17 different countries. Let’s look at the participation statistics, highlighting the sectors of interest, participant demographics, and the diversity of entities involved, offering insights into the current trends and future directions of agricultural innovation.

Agriculture at the Forefront

PULL Open Call Applicants represented a diverse range of sectors, spanning from drone services and drone manufacturing to AI and ICT to aeronautics. The most common sector, however, was agriculture.

Environmental monitoring entities stood out as the top applicant type (22), followed by agri-food producers (9) and rural communities and cooperatives (7). This suggests a strong interest in UAVs and technological innovations to support environmental monitoring.


Types of Entities: A Diverse Ecosystem of Innovators

Agrifood Producers (9): These participants underscore the direct involvement of those at the heart of food production, highlighting the sector’s keen interest in adopting innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and sustainability.

Environmental Monitoring Entities (22): Their prominent participation reflects a strong emphasis on leveraging data and technology to understand and mitigate the environmental impacts of agriculture.

Rural Communities/Cooperatives (7): The involvement of these groups emphasizes the importance of community-based approaches to agricultural innovation, fostering local engagement, and tailored solutions.


Global Outreach: Uniting Countries for a Sustainable Future

With applicants from 17 countries, including Pakistan and Argentina, the ICΕARUS Project’s Pull Open Call is a great example of the far-reaching interest in UAVs and the global scale challenge of increasing sustainability in rural areas and agriculture.

Evaluation of the 1st ICAERUS PULL Open Call is underway, stay tuned to find out which 4 sub-projects will be selected to bring their solutions to life. In the meantime, find out more about the 1st PUSH Open Call sub-projects that have already started. 

Or, if you have a drone-based innovation waiting to be realized? The 2nd PUSH Open Call is accepting applications. Find out more. 

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