Innovation and Capacity building
in Agricultural Environmental and Rural UAV Services

European strategic alignment

Drones as multi-purpose vehicles can make an important contribution to a number of the European Commission’s strategies that ensure food security, address climate and environmental challenges and reverse biodiversity loss including:

  • Farm to fork
  • Shaping Europe’s Digital Future
  • EU biodiversity strategy
  • European Green Deal

Improving quality of life one drone at a time

The Challenges

that are limiting the widespread use of drones

The multi-purpose application of drones brings socio-economic, environmental and regulatory challenges
that limit their current use across Europe. These include:








The ICAERUS vision

Explore drone based opportunities and provide a more complete and interconnected account of their potential and impacts as multi-purpose vehicles in EU agriculture, forestry and rural areas


The aim of ICAERUS is to apply, showcase and support the effective, efficient and safe deployment of drones as well as, identify the risks and added values associated with their use.


Drone market intelligence.
500 innovation actors and their needs.
300+ survey responces.
20+ interviews.
100 drone related technologies.
200 drone data analytics models included in the library.
10 standards and regulations assessed.


5 ICAERUS Use Cases.
10 demonstration activities.
1500 engaged stakeholders.
in demonstration activities.
50 drone technologies and data analytics models to be showcased.


Guidance – Support – Coaching – Mentoring.
24 hours of online, free, open-access education & training.
1500 stakeholders enrolled in the training.
20 Value-added services on business and governance modeling.


Build a European innovation ecosystem.
10000 stakeholders reached.
35 stakeholder synergies.
10 links with relevant initiatives.
20 Open Call Trials launched (PUSH/PULL).
10 new business and governance models.

ICAERUS will fly all over Europe

Use cases

Large-scale multi-actor experiments and demonstration events to optimise, test and demonstrate drone technology and showcase multiple drone applications while assessing and reducing their associated risks. Use Cases will occur in 5 countries and span across the 5 most important sectoral and societal drone usage purposes:

    • Crop monitoring
    • Drone spraying
    • Livestock monitoring
    • Forestry and biodiversity
    • Rural logistics

1. Push Open Calls for Innovation Development

● Objectives
○ Attract stakeholders to deliver and exploit drone related data sets and assess technical and non technical hypotheses
○ Develop ideas, concepts and prototypes that can be introduced to market
● Targeting
○ Drone manufacturers
○ AI and IoT companies
○ Research institutes
○ Start-ups and SMEs exploiting (big) data

2. Pull Innovation Calls for Farming and Forestry Rural Challenges

○ Enable stakeholders to utilise drones and services to address individual commercial needs (e.g crop production, early warning systems) and community related issues (e.g. disaster risk reduction, forest conservation)
● Targeting end-users in:
○ Agricultural production
○ Environmental monitoring
○ Rural communities


Be a part of the exploration

We are conducting a thorough analysis of the European Drone Landscape by surveying, engaging and understanding the needs, interests and expectations of the relevant drone innovation actors. If you want to be part of our exploration on the potential of drones, please complete the dedicated surveys.

Drone Stakeholders survey (e.g. Drone manufacturers, Drone service providers, Software developers)

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